Henna for hair

Over the weekend I decided to apply henna to my hair. It was a good conditioner and I loved the colour it gave to my hair. Also there was a lingering smell which made me happy. I’ve heard henna has been used for this purpose since ages. Funny that I got to try it now.

I feel my hair have become shinier after just a single application. Also, after asking my aunt who is an expert at this, I got to know that it is best to have it applied overnight.

Take an iron saucepan and put the desired amount of henna with some extract of boiled tea, raw sunflower oil and two egg whites. Mix them well and keep them in the iron pan overnight. Now, apply the same the coming night from root to tip and sleep away. Wash in the morning with a mild shampoo. I used GK no 3. Do apply a conditioner.

Its possible that those reading this may be aware of this age old hair treatment as it’s very popular in India, but after having tried it I couldn’t help write about it. Cheers. pexels-photo-113042.jpeg

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