The emperor of all maladies

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.
On that note, put your grown up pants and start your day…oh, and don’t forget to read a little 😉

Cancer Bio by +Smiles by Payet Family Dentistry
I rarely share posts of other people here on G+, not because the material is not good, or I think I’m too awesome and I know the secrets of the Universe (even…I am awesome :D, but that’s another story), but because I’m mostly focused on my interests and subjects.

Now and then, however, something really good shows up at the surface…something that really ‘pinches’ my cranial vault.
You want to know what cancer is? How cancer arises? how about cancer “drivers”, or maybe you’d like to know that “…the oldest known fossils with definite cancer are an arm bone and a jaw bone; the first is an incredible 1.7 million years old, and the other is nearly 2 million years old.”

Looks like the book, Chip reviewed, is a good one, and we should all read and learn from it. Interesting review and info about cancer by +Charles Payet

Give it a try and read the review at:

Read The Emperor of All Maladies: A biography of cancer:

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