Secrets of meadow Brooke

I don’t know if you ever visited the website or not, but it’s a great website that includes lists of free books that changes every month. The lists includes many genre of stories; Young Adult, Romance, Erotica, Science Fiction, Fantasy and more. It is on this website that i found this book.


Chloe Woods, a young women fresh out of college moves to Meadowbrook in North Dakota for her new job as Marketing Manager. Her boss Brandon, a young handsome man, is set on protecting her from the moment she sets foot in town. It doesn’t take long until she already makes an enemy, Naomie, a jealous women who turns out to be engaged to Brandon. This will be only the first of her problem as within days she’s kidnapped and attacked more than once.

Secrets of Meadowbrook is a fast-paced paranormal romance book. The story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only. It’s a very fast read, i believe it took me less than 1 hour to read it all.

I liked the story very much, i was just sad that it wasn’t longer. I’m always excited to discover which lore authors create for their supernatural creatures, and i wasn’t deceived.

About the Author

Alexis Davie captivates her readers with stories that intertwine reality with fantasy, to provide an exciting escape. Davie has always had an affinity for dragons, vampires, werewolves and, of course, romance. One can truly see her passions come to life through her written words.

When Davie is not writing, she hikes, practices yoga, and frequently travels with her son and husband, to find the less-traveled paths. To help the voiceless, Davie also spends her time as a volunteer with animal rescues.


Secrets of Meadowbrook
Forbidden Mate (Royal Dragons Book 1)
Killian’s Seduction: A Vampire’s Offer
Lost in the Woods
Bloodline Heiress
Vampire’s Revenge
Werewolf Spell (Enchanted Werewolf Book 1)
Werewolf Mate (Enchanted Werewolf Book 2)
Werewolf Reunion (Enchanted Werewolf Book 3)
Game of Love: Scandal of a Billionaire
Alexis Davie’s Social Media

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