12 points in life

12 Points for Life
Jordon Peterson, 2018

“Every generation sends a ‘pap’ star up the ‘pap’ charts”

Peterson is touted as the next Marshal McLuhan from Canada. McLuhan was the media guru who shared with us that “the medium is the message.” Today Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has written a guide on how to avoid chaos and build order in life. I have to say this popular piece of non-fiction is filled with the kind of regurgitated pabulum that has been rehashed over and over in the last 60 years. It smacks of Werner Erhard with the “est” training; or the milksop professed by Tony Robbins; or the feel-good claptrap devised by Robert Fritz. Effectively Professor Peterson feeds us trite in small doses of: standing tall like lobsters; be nice to yourself; be nice to others; don’t tell lies; find discipline; strive for a society that is egalitarian. I understand Mr. Peterson is doing the author’s circuit promoting his book and building a following of “lost souls.” Move over Tony Robbins. Peterson is on the horizon with his light pen ready to scribble over your wisdom with his Biblical diatribes on how to fix what ails our society. Yawn.1DEF0CEE-A7BE-410F-B80C-129946A4D340

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