House of leaves

This book is about that point directly behind your head. Don’t look. Don’t take your eyes off this page, off the safe glow of the monitor, the comforting shapes of the letters making up this sentence.
This is safe. What’s behind you isn’t. Keep reading these words.
If you stop to look behind you, I can’t guarantee you’ll come out of this ordeal alive, much less sane. Pretty soon you might find yourself doubting what is real and what isn’t. Pretty soon you might start to have the nightmares. One day you’ll wake up to find yourself an emaciated wreck who can’t trust space and time anymore. Whether something is real or not doesn’t matter here;
the consequences are the same.
What you need to realize is that this is not for you.8BE421E1-87B8-4FBD-80BA-A0C2429F4FAE

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