The culture of make believe

The Culture of Make Believe
“We were not meant for this. We were meant to live and love and play and work and even hate more simply and directly. It is only through outrageous violence that we come to see this absurdity as normal, or to not see it at all. Each new child has his eyes torn out so he will not see, his ears removed so he will not hear, his tongue ripped out so he will not speak, his mind juiced so he will not think, and his nerves scraped so he will not feel. Then he is released into a world broken in two: others like himself, and those to be used. He will never realize that he still has all of his senses, if only he will use them. If you mention to him that he still has ears, he will not hear you. If he hears, he will not think. Perhaps most dangerously of all, if he thinks he will not feel. And so on, again.”  Derrick Jensen

Have you read this book? This book is absolutely sensational…at least for me 😉
Reading The Culture of Make Believe is like looking into the mirror of our culture, and chances are you will not like what you see.
If you are able to accept new information into the ken of your mind, this book will radically alter your perception of reality. You might not be able to live the same way after. It’s like having the psychological sanity rug pulled out from under you – or blasted to pieces.7AF91B2B-2806-4650-9BD9-C3CC5734116D

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