Lincoln in the Bardo

IMG_20190613_111415654.jpgThis certainly is a “novel” novel! I initially got intimidated by firstly the premise and then the format, but later found it surprisingly awesome. The mysterious Bardo gives an enriching setting for the strange ongoings. . Fortunately there’s a much easier side. Dialouge depiction of the souls in the Bardo are brilliant.  Too many minor characters are there  perhaps  and I found one or two of them verging on the tiresome at times, I  could appreciate the very clever humour more, as well as the ethos of their plots.
Lastly getting to  Lincoln. The quotes from commentaries were extremely effective in giving deep insight into the great man’s crisis: the loss of his dear son and his grief and guilt losses of war that he’s being attacked over. The ending is uplifting, especially in the nice touch of the President being joined, as he resumes the fight after his night of self-indulgence in the cemetery by a colored man.

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