Musical learning

So how did you do on the first “Test” ???

I just today discovered the Vol-2 of the Young People’s Concerts, which turned an entire generation into music lovers. Have shared below the most relevant ones to add to your growing musical knowledge. After understanding this I’m sure you will be one of the most well heard (& read I hope) people attending a concert
You may ask at this point what is the point of all of this “preparation”, what does it matter, what could I possibly miss out ?!
I’ll let my idol & his ideals answer that………
Even if this argument isn’t convincing enough then, personally don’t I owe it to, am I not obliged to the players who are coming together from all over the world to Australia to rehearse and extensively practice & then travel all the way to India for the 1st time, to hear them out as they would have like us too ? Even on a further more basal level, would I not want to get the full value for money for my ticket ?? Well the organizers can only do so much to make the environment conducive after that its each person in the audience how much pleasure they are able extract / derive out of the concert.
We will all be listening to the same thing but only a very few will hear the music in its totality moment to moment….even fewer after having recognized it intellectually will be able to be so emotionally affected, as to have a tear drop at the corner of the eye.  :)))
On that note here is Musical Education : Artful Learning 102 
Orchestral Show pieces : Overtures and Preludes

An X-Ray into The Anatomy of a Symphony Orchestra
Fantastic Variations – All things are in a state of flux, the only constant is change.
The Sound of a Hall – What to hear out for in a LIVE concert or otherwise in a fine recording
From 2:00 – 10:00 & 1:48:30 – 2:04*
There are concerts & then there are concerts, but once in a lifetime all the stars align in such a way the heavens open up and there is a divine moment of revelation. You have surely the most supremely dedicated musicians playing on arguably the finest instruments available in the world, in a Opera Hall which is the grandest in design and near perfect acoustics.
You are in musical capital of the world and the podium you are putting your feet on is a privilege given to only a chosen few – it is quite literally the top musical position of the western musical world – Director of the Vienna State Opera and playing to an audience which has the Who’s Who of the globe. !magine if these consummate artists & the Maestro in the spirit of Many in body & one in Mind are just over taken by the passion of the moment and infuse their emotions into the profound understanding with which play ever so immaculately….
It is for this reason people wait for 10-20 years to get a ticket to see them play,,,..

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