Vienna and Paris

S’il vous plaît trouver les photos ci-joint. Bon visionnement!

Merci et salutations


Whenever you get the time, do see these through all the pictures without having heard the music below. Then see them withthe music in the link below & let me know if you felt differently in your heart. 
Vienna Blood / Viennese Spirit – Historical anecdote for Musical Apprectiations.
“After this, Johann Strauss Jr. stepped up to the conductor’s podium to perform his latest waltz, ‘Wiener Blut’. We do not believe that we are overstating our praise if we count this work amongst the best by the beloved Waltz King. This dance piece is a collection of genuine Viennese tunes, full of melody and electrifying rhythm. On tempestuous demand the waltz had to be repeated”. The reviewer for the Neues Wiener Tagblatt (23.04.1873) was equally enthusiastic, numbering the waltz Wiener Blut “amongst the most beautiful which Strauss has written in recent years. In these three-four bars, sometimes cheeky, sometimes sentimental, flows fresh, free and red Viennese blood”.

This performance of the waltz Wiener Blut, on the night of 22/23 April 1873, marked the first occasion on which the Viennese Waltz King conducted the renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and thus also the commencement of the orchestra’s ‘Strauss tradition’.

The 2010 Annual Summer Night concert presented by Österreichischer Rundfunk, ORF, (“Austrian Broadcasting”). More info about this in the link page & at the end of the piece.
Music of the spheres by Johann Strauss (The Father)

Encore ! – what a tearjerker !!  Guess where you have heard this before ?? Perhaps in a famous TV ad.

The original piano version:

0:40 – 2:01 & 6:08 – 8:40

I got all so sentimental (sorry if it seemed overblown over the text, but I swear it was all genuinely heartfelt) when hearing these, as it is these melodies evoke remembrance & longing of an age gone by, which only heightened my yearning for my lone visit to my most beloved city.

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