Adoption #kindnessmatters

Largesse is a cultivated habit. Beneficence is  a social trait. In my extended family I came across many with their characteristics but none were as kind as one family who chose to maintain their anonymity. Not only did they understand the importance of sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations, they also implemented 5 of them in their own individual capacity, and have set an example to the world that a small drop in the ocean can also create a ripple which can give way to a wave and then a much larger wave of social change.  They have been patriots of their own unique kind. When Mr. was in the army he had vowed to serve the nation. That vow still remains on solid footing. They travelled far and wide throughout the country and saw the state of affairs. From poverty to illiteracy, there were plagues of all kinds infesting our social structure. ” What can we do ” ” How should we alleviate their pain ” thought both of them. Their compassion is known far and wide through the circle of family and friends. Their demeanor of extending help to all was indeed manifested when Mrs. started working for the Salam balak trust as a volunteer. She put in her time and effort in the upliftment of children. Mr. and Mrs. were abjectly disturbed after hearing horrifying stories of children who had been mentally and physically tormented just because they belonged to a poor socioeconomic strata. They brooded on the issue for long hours and wept through disturbed nights. What was in their hands that they could put on stake to make the socioeconomically weak grow. At their ripe age of 60 plus they couldn’t imagine running an organization as that would require time energy and funds, all of which were scarce. Hence, it was decided that by all means two families would be adopted and taken care of, by the couple.

Diwan and Bhupal belong to the villages of Uttaranchal. Farming and collecting firewood is the main occupation there. Having had experienced hardships in the village when both came across Mr’s proposal, they readily accepted it. Their journey towards achieving the SDGs started. Diwan and Bhupal were married, hence, were given separate accommodations. Their daily rations which included food, toiletries, clothing and apparel were taken care of. Visits to the doctor when Diwan’s and Bhupal’s wives were pregnant, were arranged. Keeping in mind the sustainable development goals of good health and well being & clean water and sanitation  Mr. and Mrs. channelised their energies towards uplifting the families. They tried to inculcate in them the same values they abided by. Their instinct of kindness pushed them towards treating the two families as their very own. This is what I am trying to highlight by sharing this story. When Diwan and Bhupal’s families had children, it was a moment of great joy for Mr. and Mrs. The two children were looked after with great affection. During their infancy Mrs. took utmost care of their nutrition, providing them with the healthiest diet. They were taught hygiene habits as they grew up. This was in complete contrast to what they would have learnt at their village. The two children became the apple of their eyes. Every demand was met under the scrutiny of discipline. As they grew up, they were enrolled into a private school. The education of the children became a priority fulfilling the SDG number 4 on quality education. They kept Pvt. tutors for the kids so that they may learn as they grow. The children are 5 and 6 yrs old, and a bundle of joy. Their effervescence is infectious. For they have been loved and taken care of by the best hands. Mr. makes sure he deposits a certain amount of money in the name of the two children for a secure future. Hence, the number one sustainable development goal is fulfilled which is Remove Poverty.

Their story tells us that a small initiative and a big heart can help improve if not all but some lives. Imagine if each Urban family starts to take care of one rural family, how many families can we empower. Think. The answer is right here.

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