A misty blue San

On landing at San Francisco airport I was greeted by the very misty haze. But I could see the Sun. Yes. Which was the brightest and best part of the day. Cruising through the meandering roads I soaked the sunshine and and the winds. A bouquet of some of the prettiest tulips rested in my lap, ready to adorn a vase. By the way we realised on getting home that we did not have a vase and had to keep them up against the wall. Bless the florist for she had put some sponge beneath the stems so the overnight hydration could be achieved.

Dinner was at the Grand Lake restaurant for I was tiered to the bones after a 21 hr long flight. I am glad it wasn’t a direct one, as I got to snack and stretch for a bit at the Amsterdam airport. Enjoyed buying some blue pottery. Also these super cute baking gloves which I plan to use in my new house.

Grand lake restaurant

It was jet lag on day one and on day two and so was day three. I would say I was not getting up in the night after about a week of getting here. Funny yes. We had a family reunion at the Almond and Oak with live music and some really good food. With me dozing of intermittently and my brother having a good laugh about that. No seriously it’s then that I realised that jet lag is not some Jedi sword but actually exists.

At Almond and Oak

Jogging at lake Merritt began and it’s such a fun thing to do. I look forward to it every day. Evening walks along the yellow lit paths is very calming. The geese there are in full show of their voice virtues and also the flying skills. In fact, it’s not just them but storks and sea gulls. What a sight I must say to gather all that and smell the sweet smell of tree barks and leaves. Maybe I can spot an elf here or there.

All said and done the homecoming to this very dear city holds a joy of its own. There can be no replacements for that. The hills the fog the early morning walk the lake the food the sight of good food makes me fall in love all over again.

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