How many of us already knew that the immunity has two components . I did. 🙂 So they are innate and the adaptive immune responses. It’s fun to know that though both are distinctly separate from one another yet they are intertwined at many levels. So what makes the immunity ? It’s basically a cocktail of chemicals along with many cells. Yes, cell, the basic unit of life. The chemicals involved have many fancy names but to get a general idea, they form a a series of signals which help in getting rid of the bad stuff inside the body. The cells usually eat up the bad stuff, or kill it by inserting holes into their body. Creepy eh !

It turns out that the immune system is really smart for it has the ability to recognise the good stuff from the bad stuff. Secondly, it has a memory system where it remembers the bad guy who had come earlier and is now trying to get back inside again. Which makes it respond in a stronger way. So that’s about immunity for today folks. 🙂

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