My winter vacation part 1 : Las Vegas

Winters in San Francisco aren’t very harsh as I am comparing them to Delhi ( heard it almost froze this time ) ! We decided to travel to Las Vegas for a suss-egad. The best way to reach there was DRIVE! Vroooooooom ! Our plan was to start early in the morning of the 23rd but we all know when it comes to sleep, the mind doesn’t listen. So finally having woken up by 8: 30 we left the house by 10.

The drive was 8 hrs long and thoroughly enjoyable as the chatter chatter was on. We had stocked ourselves with supplies of chips, fruit and candy which lasted us till the destination and even beyond that. The good thing about highway driving in America are the exits which are present every 2 miles having the provisions of food fuel etc. We had two stops, one of them being at the Subway, where we had our lunch.

Our destination came to sight by 6:30 in the evening. The city looked magnificent with all the lit up colourful decorations for Christmas and new year. I would say if there was a feast for the eyes, it was this. On entering the state of Nevada, the numerous bottle brush trees paved our way which eventually led on to the tall buildings resplendent with glitter, welcoming us.

Our place of stay : New York New York hotel and casino
A reindeer at the hotel Park MGM

On checking in we found the hotel staff very warm who guided us to our room with a view of the big apple roller coaster. The beige and gold interiors totally struck a chord with me. Without wasting time we got dressed and were ready for the Vegas night! On heading out being greeting by the most exquisite show of lights and banners was my favourite ‘done’ thing here. Buildings reaching upto the sky with gold reflecting glass cut at angles so precise, it’s beyond imagination! MGM park, Waldorf Astoria, Aria, Cosmopolitan, Ceaser’s Palace were a few hotels next to ours on the Vegas strip. Step in to a different zone of world class luxury !

At the Cosmopolitan
At the Cosmopolitan

We made a stop at the Cosmopolitan where we landed up at the nightclub Marquee. Looking at the long que of partygoers outside we were initially discouraged but eventually decided to give it a try. It was a good decision. The mood was ecstatic. Awesome music played by DJ ATB. The young crowd was in a frenzy and so were we. It was 3 in the night when our feet started giving way having danced for close to 6 hrs. It was an amazing night! A night to remember

The night club Marquee

As expected day two began late as we were tiered to the bones, dancing the last night. Exploring our hotel we came across a cute Italian bakery cafe where we had our morning tea and a strawberry danish for me. Karan had a scone. He loves scones. As our hotel was based around a city theme of New York we explored some more and it seemed never ending. From the bar at Times Square to the 48th and Crepe. We entered the Hershey’s chocolate world. Yummmmmm! Exploring the strip we saw many hotels on our way, The wynn, Paris another city themed hotel, The Venetian. Shopping was inevitable when we entered the Forum shops at the Ceaser’s palace. Lunch was at this amazing rain forest themed cafe called the Rainforest cafe where there was thunder and lightning, butterflies flying above your head and the elephants trumpeting. We had the most amazing strawberry lemonade there, and I would totally recommend it. Refills for only 90 cents!

The lobby at Wynn
Forum shops at Ceaser’s palace
Strawberry lemonade!

It was already 7 when we started to head back from the strip. The night was reserved for the O show at the Bellagio, by the Cirque de Soliel. A circus show renowned for its breathtaking artist manoeuvres. Those 90 minutes of thorough enjoyment will be etched in my cortex. The aquatic stage was 25 meters deep and the dives were from the same height. My eyes were watery by the time the end came as I could not believe that this kind of flexibility and coordination could be achieved. Exhilarating!

The ‘O’ show

We skipped dinner as we were already full with our afternoon munching. Grabbing a venti chai latte we walked back from the Bellagio enjoying the magnitude of human spirit that we were able to appreciate that night. The beautiful day came to an end.

Our last day at Vegas was spent in further exploring the hotels. Bellagio’s fountains were one of them. They run in musical coordination every half an hour till 5 pm after which the frequency is every 15 mins till midnight. Karan had made reservations at the Mon Ami Gabi, a high end Italian diner where we were seated in the patio right in front of the fountains at Bellagio. It was a beautiful evening. Life couldn’t seem better. As we sat there having some delicious fish and snails, I reflected upon how spectacular I felt, at that moment.

Outside Mon Ami Gabi
Paris, Mon Ami Gabi

Day four we checked out by 10:30 and headed onto to our next destination which was Zion national park, Utah! I’ll be sharing the experience with you all soon. Till then a very happy new year, stay blessed and enjoy 2020.

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