Musical learning

So how did you do on the first “Test” ???

I just today discovered the Vol-2 of the Young People’s Concerts, which turned an entire generation into music lovers. Have shared below the most relevant ones to add to your growing musical knowledge. After understanding this I’m sure you will be one of the most well heard (& read I hope) people attending a concert
You may ask at this point what is the point of all of this “preparation”, what does it matter, what could I possibly miss out ?!
I’ll let my idol & his ideals answer that………
Even if this argument isn’t convincing enough then, personally don’t I owe it to, am I not obliged to the players who are coming together from all over the world to Australia to rehearse and extensively practice & then travel all the way to India for the 1st time, to hear them out as they would have like us too ? Even on a further more basal level, would I not want to get the full value for money for my ticket ?? Well the organizers can only do so much to make the environment conducive after that its each person in the audience how much pleasure they are able extract / derive out of the concert.
We will all be listening to the same thing but only a very few will hear the music in its totality moment to moment….even fewer after having recognized it intellectually will be able to be so emotionally affected, as to have a tear drop at the corner of the eye.  :)))
On that note here is Musical Education : Artful Learning 102 
Orchestral Show pieces : Overtures and Preludes

An X-Ray into The Anatomy of a Symphony Orchestra
Fantastic Variations – All things are in a state of flux, the only constant is change.
The Sound of a Hall – What to hear out for in a LIVE concert or otherwise in a fine recording
From 2:00 – 10:00 & 1:48:30 – 2:04*
There are concerts & then there are concerts, but once in a lifetime all the stars align in such a way the heavens open up and there is a divine moment of revelation. You have surely the most supremely dedicated musicians playing on arguably the finest instruments available in the world, in a Opera Hall which is the grandest in design and near perfect acoustics.
You are in musical capital of the world and the podium you are putting your feet on is a privilege given to only a chosen few – it is quite literally the top musical position of the western musical world – Director of the Vienna State Opera and playing to an audience which has the Who’s Who of the globe. !magine if these consummate artists & the Maestro in the spirit of Many in body & one in Mind are just over taken by the passion of the moment and infuse their emotions into the profound understanding with which play ever so immaculately….
It is for this reason people wait for 10-20 years to get a ticket to see them play,,,..

Leonard Bernstein

From my musical mentor…..

“Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts with the New York
Philharmonic stand among his greatest achievements. These televised
programs introduced an entire generation to the joys of classical

FYR All transcripts of the programs linked below are available on the
link above in the “Scripts” tab… happy reading & listening !!

What does music mean ?

What is Classical Music ?

What is a Melody ?


Musical Atoms – Intervals

What is Sonata Form ?

The Sound of an Orchestra

What is Orchestration ?

What makes music symphonic ?

What is a Concerto ?

All Put Together : Examine your new found listening powers….



UNESCO MGIEP has initiated an International Youth Campaign on Kindness for the Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of this Campaign is to mobilize the world’s youth to achieve the 17 SDGs through transformative acts of kindness.

People from all over the world are sharing their acts of kindness.

UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development and Penguin have announced the publication of a two-volume book series next year. Titled Stories of Kindness from Across the World: Volume I and II (tentative title), the first book in the series is set to publish in June 2019.

Share your story now to get featured.

Kindle and Van Goh

I was gifted the e-book reader and it has come handy at all times. The Kindle has ample storage amazing battery performance and some really awesome tools like wordwise which improve vocabulary. I can navigate from my current page to the contents or any other page within a second. I can also share words and passages. As I’ve fallen in love with it I decided to adorn with another of my most cherished articles. A starry night Vincent van Goh cover.

They look so beautiful together.


Erik Erickson

Today is reserved for Erik Homburger Erickson. He was a German American psychoanalyst known for his famous theory of psychological development. His most famous becoming is coining the term identity crisis.

He lacked a bachelors degree yet was instrumental in providing education at some prestigious institutes like Harvard. He is the 12th most cited psychologist of the twentieth century.

Identity development seemed to be his greatest concerns. . As an older adult, he wrote about his adolescent “identity confusion” in his European days. “My identity confusion”, he wrote “[was at times on] the borderline between neurosis and adolescent psychosis.” Erikson’s daughter writes that her father’s “real psychoanalytic identity” was not established until he “replaced his stepfather’s surname [Homburger] with a name of his own invention [Erikson].”The change in last name occurred as he started his job at Yale, and the “Erikson” name was accepted by Erik’s family when they became American citizens. It is said his children enjoyed the fact they would not be called “Hamburger” any longer.

Lab grown skin

Yes, it’s for real. The Indian institute of technology has been able to print for the first time 3D skin. The model has been made using a 3 D printer and it mimics the exact structure and function of the human skin. This could come in handy to test bio active molecules, various drugs and cosmetics. Finally no more animal testing!

In the past scientists have been trying to develop human skin from collagen gel on porus scaffold. However, they have been unsuccessful. The current breakthrough has been achieved by preparing a bionic and mixing it with silk protein and gelatine

Each skin construct contained well layered dermis and epidermis. When cultured in nutrient broths the tissue thrived up to 3 weeks. It also exhibited the undulating feature found at the junction of the epidermis and dermis. In addition keratinocytes were in abundance.

Mother and daughter


I close my eyes and I think of you

I pray for your long life

There are only a few

Who learn how to strive

With their grit and determination

They serve the mankind

So selfless so pure

Like the blooming flower

And the uncut azure

An ocean of peace

A blanket of warmth

You brought us up

In your loving arms

Thank you mother

For doing your best

My beautiful mother



Unstoppable. Invincible. My mother’s grit and determination is something I have wanted to inherit since childhood. Her beauty in the face of adversity shines through the darkest nights. Her aura is remarkable. Love you mother. For if it was not for you I wouldn’t be who I am.

Happiness flower infusion

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Introducing this very indegenous infusion of rose tea, chrysanthamum and Jasmine esscence. Take a sip and Voila! The best infusion ever. Tip. Let it brew for 5 mins.

Warm weather running

After Morning excersise dress rehearsal

It’s sweltering hot outside and I have to fight my self to make up my mind to go for a run. Running releases happy hormones and I’m in need of them.. It’s best to wear breathable cottons  because if the sweat accumulates it gets rather uneasy. I settled for whites. The run lasted for half an hour and what an adrenaline rush!  I remembered to carry water with me and a sip or two every 15 mins took care of the hydration. I feel light and my body agile. The plan is to do it everyday for only in the habit of it will one benefit. Good to have a running buddy. Keeps me motivated.

The Finkler Question


This devastating novel is examining the complexities of identity and belonging, love and grief, through the lens of contemporary Judaism. Julian Treslove,  working as a celebrity double, feels out of sync with his longtime friend and sometimes rival Sam Finkler, a popular author of philosophy-themed self-help books. The two have reconnected with their elderly professor, Libor Sevcik, following the deaths of Finkler and Libor’s wives, leaving Treslove even more out of the loop. But after Treslove is mugged—the crime has possible anti-Semitic overtones—he becomes obsessed with what it means to be Jewish, or “a Finkler.” Jacobson brilliantly contrasts Treslove’s search for a Jewish identity—with Finkler’s thorny relationship with his Jewish heritage and fellow Jews. Libor, meanwhile, struggles to find his footing after his wife’s death, the intense love he felt for her reminding Treslove of the belonging he so craves. Jacobson’s prose is effortlessly witty where it needs to be, heartbreaking where it counts—and the Jewish question becomes a metaphor without ever being overdone.



A little yellow here

And a bit of blue there

Some green tints

Few teal hints

The brush runs

The knives blunt

Paint is to canvas

Like air is to humans

The maze is made

The fellow with the spade

Digs the way through

The colours which may confuse a few

Reaches the end with a brilliant gleam

Yes the maze is done I heard some scream