Lincoln in the Bardo

IMG_20190613_111415654.jpgThis certainly is a “novel” novel! I initially got intimidated by firstly the premise and then the format, but later found it surprisingly awesome. The mysterious Bardo gives an enriching setting for the strange ongoings. . Fortunately there’s a much easier side. Dialouge depiction of the souls in the Bardo are brilliant.  Too many minor characters are there  perhaps  and I found one or two of them verging on the tiresome at times, I  could appreciate the very clever humour more, as well as the ethos of their plots.
Lastly getting to  Lincoln. The quotes from commentaries were extremely effective in giving deep insight into the great man’s crisis: the loss of his dear son and his grief and guilt losses of war that he’s being attacked over. The ending is uplifting, especially in the nice touch of the President being joined, as he resumes the fight after his night of self-indulgence in the cemetery by a colored man.

Birch tree in Autumn


The gold on the branches

Glistening in the sunlight

A Shadow of a traveller dances

Under the leaves lit bright

Is it the winds that sing a song

Or the long heard folklore of the village

For the birch tree stands beautiful among

Giving the birds some leverage

As they sing dance and flutter

The Autumn is here I hear them utter



Yosemite national park.. the huge expanse is breathtaking. The colours are spectacular. As we drove through the giant sequioas the water fell from the highest peaks creating a  magnificent scene. The splash and the mist through the fog as we drove felt as if I were in the sky. Cloudy on cloud number nine. The trails ending up in lakes. The lakes giving way to bigger lakes. El Capitan stood tall and somber. It’s better half the half dome towered to reach the sun. The shadows spoke of the secrets they had held for centuries. It seemed there were elves in those trees hearing the leaves whisper.

Sparrows and the wall


I was sitting  outside in my garden porch when I looked ahead towards the window on one of my walls. I saw two black specks on the electric wire doing a sort of jamboree. As I strained it seemed to me that the  birds were having a deep discussion. What could it be ?

We’re to they talking about the color on the wall and how they liked the scent of the bricks. Was it the blue sky it’s vast expanse their playground a topic of discussion. Or was it just the next meal .. I heard a flutter and as I mused myself to my afternoon imaginations before going into a siesta the birds had flown far away.

Ballet dance


We are friends. We celebrate life. We live in the moment and let each moment determine our joy of living. We are flowers in a garden. Roses blooming in the green shrubs. We dance to life’s beautiful song and tap our feet while going for work. We are not jealous. Nor are we afraid. The world’s a stage and we dance like today is our last day. We drink the elixir of life for water and we spin on our toes. Clarity comes at the highest speed, at the swiftest spin when all is a blur yet the speed is for real. We rejoice for we are beautiful. We enjoy because that’s what we are born for.

Ballet dance

We celebrate the colours of the earth. The brown weaves wrapping us in its warmth. The radiance of the sun gives the brown a golden hue, enchanting to the eyes. The water spins through racing over the earth giving birth to life. The mountain, snow capped it is, towers above all in its magnificence. All existing in mutual harmony.

The yellow night

As the night draws its curtain over the world’s stage the trees rustle and the yellow flowers sing out a lullaby. The stars glow and lights them up. Is it autumn or just the colour on those beautiful birches 14701127-4FD8-4820-961A-1DFFBB07DD0A.jpeg


There is a campaign taking place in New Delhi called the #bekind campaign. I am a actively participating in the same as a youth leader. Being kind is of utmost importance. It is a medium towards civility. I helps build comaraderie and strength. Kind people dwell upon goodness, not just of their own but of others. They form the firm roots of a blooming social tree. They are the medium and the modus. They are the traveller and the guide. Inculcate the attribute of kindness and you will see yourself melt to reveal something bright and sparkling as pure as water.

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After having done two continuous 20 hour shifts I am drained. The complete night was laced with intestinal perforations. Sleeping was a distant dream. I am going to go to bed  immediately now as soon as I reach home. I feel so thankful for not loosing my sense of judgement in tiered times. I am pushing my resilience to the maximum and challenging myself for more. The more I extract from my body and mind the better I feel. Work and more work is the best form of motivation.

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About patients

As I sit in the operation theatre an array of thoughts cross my mind. One intriguing one is how is my patient. The general well being of the patient is important. I ask myself. Have I done enough or is there are still some laccunae left here and there. The constant questioning leads to reasoning and planning for the next steps for treatment. It’s good to question. Questions fall like rainfall and quench the thirst of the seeds sown. The

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seeds spring into trees of experience. I am happy to let others rest under it’s shade.

Flower Power

Flowers tell us about the cause and effect relationship. They speak of the beauty outside and within. Each flower has its own story to tell. Have you ever tried to read a flower ?


I painted flower pots because it is the best attraction of any house. Blooming colours have an unmatched uniqueness.